What does a guy mean when he says he "wants to take things slow?"

I'm 31 and I met a guy online (36). So far we have gone out on three dates. Each of these dates have lasted over four hours and we spend the entire time talking a laughing. Great rapport. We found out quickly that not only do we have many friends in common, both of our fathers had died recently. So, we were able to quickly move into deep discussions and secret exchanging. At the end of each date, we make out a little. He doesn't text or call to chit chat in between dates, but he calls every three or for days to set up another date. For our last date he invited me over to his house and made me dinner. After dinner while we were talking, he told me that he had recently gotten out of a relationship (one month ago) and that though he loved spending time with me, he wanted to take "the other stuff" slowly. So my question is, is this a sign of a true connection that he doesn't want to screw up like relationships in his past, or is this the friend zone kiss of death?


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  • definitely sounds like he's taking it seriously and doesn't want to screw it up.


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  • You're kidding, right? Who's paying for the dates?


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  • Without knowing anything about him, I really can't tell you. But usually this means he's not that interested and he's just using it as an excuse. my thinking behind this is because he says he wants to take it slow and that he's not ready, he just got out of a relationship, but if that's true, why is he online dating?