How can I get over my ex bf?

I have already got back with my boyfriend too many times... he breaks up with me with escuses like not being mature enough to be comitted and that he needs to be 100% sure he loves me. Well I though I loved him but every time he leaves me I care less about it and don't even bother to cry anymore... last week we broke up again he said he knows he loves me 100% but that me and him werent ready for this whole serious relationship wich is true and he said he wants to get back with me in the future, I'm his first girlfriend first kiss, first on everything. And really I don't want to fall into this again... Does anyone know what I could do to just get over him ?


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  • Cut him out of your life completely! No Facebook, delete him from your contacts. Keep active. Do not allow yourself to be by yourself. Go out with your girlfriends...go dancing... to the mall, whatever it takes. Think positive. Remember that everything happens for a reason!

    • Thank you! (:

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    • so weirdest thing ever... he has messaged me saying that he misses me and loves me D:

    • good for you! See everything will hopefully work out !


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  • I think from his mates talking to him about "girls playing them or telling lies etc" I think he's trying to make certain that your the one for him. I always say, what's a relationship without fighting.

    • I know that is what he is trying to do, but really does a guy take that long to realize he wants to be with me? he cries every time he breaks up with me cus he says he just hopes when he is ready to commit it won't be late? he always says Imthe person he cares about the most. But by breaking up it doesn't really show much.

  • The best way to get over someone is to get on top of someone else. Go find a fling and you'll be doing great.

  • you should read a book. maybe learn some higher level math. volunteer to help sick kids. you know try to push your mind further up rather than down. seriously drama is detrimental to (means "bad for") your mind.


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