If a woman already had a kid when you two met would you date her?

Well I have a 4 months old son with my ex-boyfriend but if you really liked her would you give her a chance or not even give her a second look?


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  • Of course, I am sure you realize that this happens everyday.

    I know men that met women while they weer pregnant with someone else s baby and now they are married.

    I child is not a character flaw. You have not become damaged goods.

    Sure there are some men that just don't like children, but the majority of the time love conquers all.

    If you meet a guy that you really like, and he really likes you it will not even be an issue. If it was, he's a tool and you wouldn't need him anyway.

    I promise you that one day you will laugh that you even asked this question.

    BTW don't listen to guys on here. Most of them are virgins living in the basement playing video games.

    • Yea one of my friends has done that but they aren't married yet right now it just seems every guy I meet just wants to hang out with me for sex so it kinda sucks right now.

    • Just decide what you want and it will come. Thing is you have to be ready for it. Once you know exeactly what you do want, it will be easy to recognize what you dont.

      Dont waste your time if its not what you want.

      It might make you miss what you deserve.

    • You're right I should just focus on that.


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  • At my age no freaking way.

  • No. I don't want kids, even my own.

  • It's hard , because guys has ability to make baby themself , no need others' help ,

  • you are in a tough situation and I respect it. What are you looking for in a guy right now? Some one to hang out with or get serious?

    • Honestly a serious relationship obviously I wouldn't want it to be serious right away, but I wouldn't want there to be guys coming in and out of my sons life especially since his father isn't around much.

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    • be proud of our kid. I bet your son/daughter is beautiful. Anyway I would date a women with kids if she was responsible and not looking for someone to support her family. In that sake I might consider helping out.

    • Yea that's why I'm going to college so I can support my son and the future family I'm hoping to have. I hate having to rely on people for things that my son or I need, but right now my moms helping me out only because I'm still in school :-/

  • Been there, done that. Never again. But that's just me.

    • I'm wondering why you think any guy who's any kind of catch at all would settle for a woman with a baby?

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    • I'm not thinking about starting one now are you kidding me his father and I just split up a week ago I'm thinking about the future not the now for a relationship. All my time and money goes to my son the only time I'm not with him is when I'm at school or work. The only reason I'm even online right now is because he's taking a nap and I have some free time because I've gotten everything done that I needed to do. Just because I'm asking about it now doesn't mean I want a relationship now I'm stil

    • Oh okay. That's just how I interpreted it then.

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