Would you ever date your ex's brother or sister?

I've been seeing this guy off and on. It's very casual. We pretty much just use each other for sex, and have been for about a year now.. Go out to dinner and a movie once in a blue moon. We've got different goals, morals, etc. He doesn't want a relationship with me, And we're just generally not long-term compatible, but the sex is good so we just keep at it.

Well, I just recently met his younger brother who's closer to my age and WAYYYY cool. He's cuter, funnier, nicer, and has more in common with me. I'm kicking myself just wishing I'd met the younger one first... I honestly could see myself dating this guy!

Is it completely crazy to even consiiiider pursuing him? Not that he would ever go for it...

But just out of curiosity, would you date your brothers ex? Or one of your ex's brothers?


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  • Totally in love with my ex's little bro. He always treated me better and was amazing to me. We get along really well and talk about getting together with the intention of never breaking up. Sure it would be awkward in the begining if we got married, but it would pass. I should mention though that the older bro and I have been broken up just short of ten years. That's a nice long time to forget stuff. Actually I wasn't cool with my feelings until about two years ago so at least 5 years is what I would say to keep the weirdness at bay.


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  • no

  • No. That's crossing the line a bit. You don't date any one your ex is close to and they don't date anyone you're close to.