I feel like I don't treat her as well as the other guy, advice?

Im back with my girlfriend who I was with before for 3 years..

We split up for a year and went our separate ways, We both slept with other people and had flings with other people.

Before we got back we decided to put everything out into the open with no secrets.

She told me about a guy who took her away for a weekend and did something really romantic with her and she slept with him and she said he was such I nice person and that.. I'm not jealous or anything like that.. the only thing that gets to me is that he treated her amazing, drove her to a different city and took her out and all that.. But I can't do anything like that for her, because I've been out of work for medical reasons and don't start till a month away.. I feel sh*t, as if I don't treat her half as well as the other guy did.. it hurts like hell because she's such an amazing girl!..

She hasn't said anything since we got back together about it, she never complains that I don't pay for anything, and she treats me to meals and stuff.. but I just completely useless, I want to be able to spoil her and show her how special she is, even more than the other guy did!.. but I can't its so horrible


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  • Well, then show her how special she is. Ever heard of "It's the THOUGHT that counts." If she is truly the one you want to be with, she'll appreciate who you are and how YOU treat her.

    It's the little things that matter to a woman, not the larger things. This guy treated her amazing, but where is HE now? He's not in her life anymore, YOU are!

    Think of free things to do - walks, reading a book to her from the library, telling her jokes or stories you have read already, learn to be a great listener and be there for her, think of ways to simply SHOW her how you feel.

    Create things for her - write to her how much you missed her, tell her why you are with her again.

    She sounds like a great gal, man! You're lucky! Keep her in your life, as it sounds like she lifts you up.


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  • I wouldn't worry about it..she is with you for a reason. When you get a job..take her and do things..special for her..You will have your chance! And, just to let you know..money means nothing to those who are in love. It sounds like she loves you..and it probably doesn't even pass her mind about you never paying and stuff. Anyway, you will have your chance to spoil her! :)

    Best wishes..and if it gets to you that much..tell her..and add to it that you will show her how amazing she is when you get a job :)


  • You can do plenty of other things like cook her nice meals, candle lit, leave love notes for her in unexpected places, write her a poem. it's the little things that girls fall for and appreciate. believe me. taking her to a local park when it's quiet, and taking out some good food you've prepared, then quietly reading her a love poem I think would mean just as much to her.

  • Don't worry. She is with you and likes you. You are just feeling jealous and insecure because of this guy. In time it will fade as you and your girlfriend make new memories.

  • Ok, so this is one thing I think happens a lot. In my opinion (from my experience and talking to my girl friends) girls tend to measure how well they're being treated based on how much you show you care. Do you call her/talk to her/ see her fairly often? Do you do things- anything, like writing a note, or telling her about something you saw she might think is funny- to show her you think about her? Do you tell her you care? Do you tell her, and believe, she's beautiful? Do you cuddle with her? That's what matters. That's how you treat her AMAZING.


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