I have issues with my sister, how can I deal with that?

well she's 16 and I'm 19 .. I have my own life and she has ! I don't know what's wrong between us but she's always aggressive and I don't know how to deal with that !


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  • that's how it was with me and my sister. Just don't let it get to you. For example, my sister was also aggressive and always telling me that she was the better one and bossing me around in front of my friends. And when it was her friends around, she'd tell me to go away and don't talk to her friends but with my friends she is always around talking to them. She treated me so wrong. I just ignored it and well, lets just say look at the difference between my life and my sisters life now.

    I'm married and live in Italy and my husband makes good money and I don't really have to work (although I do) and we have no money problems at all.

    My sister got married at 18, got a kid and divorced by 20. She stole her husband from his wife at the time and kid, and then she cheated on her husband with some other guy (adultery) and that's what caused the divorce. She doesn't care what society thinks of her. Our whole church hates her and some of the youth guys all scratched out her eyes out of all the pictures in the scrapbooks. And also my whole entire family hates her and whenever she calls or comes around, they pretend not to be around and are too busy for her. That's what she gets for treating people like scum and making herself seem like the queen. She has tons of money problems. She only works part time at a local coffee shop. AND she had to move out of town because so many people in our town hated her.

    They can bully you all they want, and if they don't want to listen to you and continue to boss you around and be aggressive (my sister never helped me clean the bedroom when we were younger and sharing a bedroom and when I asked her one time when she was 15 and I was 18 she slapped me in the face then left, I continued to clean the bedroom every single weekend by myself and it was mostly her mess) WHO CARES. Some day when you grow up and you no longer live with her, you can do whatever you want and pick and choose your friends. Watch her go down in life, if she doesn't change.

    My sister in HS tried to steal other girl's crushes, and all her friends DUMPED her. Let's just say she has no friends. She's so strange. At my wedding, she tried to make the whole wedding about her and how she wanted everything to be decorated. Because I wouldn't allow her to decorate my veil in a certain way she was threatening me that she wasn't going to come to my wedding then. WHO CARES! She was bluffing because she did come, but WHO CARES if she didn't. also she made the MOST terrible speech at my wedding (she was the maid of honor) and it was SO EMBARASSING! OMG


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  • Like any bully, a good ass whuppin will do wonders. Sounds like she needs a tune-up.


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  • Well first you should try sitting down and talking to her about it...she might not know how you feel and if you're truly sincere about it with her I'm sure y'all can work some things out.(: