Why has he stopped calling me and is short with texts?

so I guess you could say I'm seeing this guy, he ALWAYS calls me probably like five to six times a day and everyday we talk ALL the time. So I went over to my neighbors house who is also my friend, and that night he called me and told me he was having a small party with his friend who was leaving the next day and so we chatted for a little and than he told me he had to go but to keep my ringer high and to text him. So a few min later I text him and it took him a while to reply and when he finally did I texted him back and got nothing... the next day I tried calling and texting but wouldn't get ANYTHING, so finally around ten or eleven at night he called me up and I asked him what was up and said this "I've been trying to get a hold of you all day and I got nothing, and I'm just gonna be straight forward, if there is a day were you just don't feel like talking to me than text me and let me know so that I'm not thinking that you just disappeared" and than he told me that the night before, he got really f*cked up and he had his phone in his pocked at his friends house and changed his pants and left the other pair at his house and than also said "why would you think I wouldn't want to talk to you, I don't like that you say that because its never going to happen, I'm never going to not want to talk to you" and so with that I apologized and said I was just speaking in general, and so than he told me he'd call me back and I was on my way home and texting my friend and than randomly his number pops up showing that he's calling me and I accidentally hit the text option, which I don't know why that f***in option is there which pissed me off, so I send him a text which I'm guessing he didn't get saying"hey call me again, my phone messed up" and then he texted me saying "whats wrong, and why didn't you answer your phone" and so I call him and he answers and I'm talking to him about how I just got home and all and than right when I was saying "and I didn't answer because-" and he tells me to hold on but than hangs up... so I wait and than I text him...nothing, I call him... nothing, I try a few more times and get nothing. so than the next day (yesterday) I try calling and texting him again and still get nothing so I just stop trying, but than I'm playing spades with the family and I get a text from him saying "hey" I text back and say "were have you been all my life?" just joking around and he texts back saying "what do you mean?" and I try calling, and he doesn't answer... wtf so I text him and say "why didn't you answer, and I was joking Because I tried to get a hold of you earlier today, is everything OK?" and he answers saying "not really" and than I ask him what was wrong and than he takes FOREVER to text back and so I tried calling him and sending a text and still nothing and girls I'm sure you agree that when a guy leaves a text convo ending like that, you freak out a little and so he finally texts me saying "I'm eating right now, its nothing bad I'm just down,. feeling kin

d of lonley if life" and I tell him that he's not alone and that he's got me and to call me when he's done eating, and he never does so an hour goes by and I text him saying. "babe, text me" and he tets back saying "okay, what are you doing" and so I text back and he doesn't reply...again and so I try texting and calling and got nothing... I don't get it, wtf do I do? and what's his deal, normally he'd call me up and talk to me about it or continue texting me...so what's the deal?


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  • You should publish this in novel form, called "How to build a mountain, out of the tiniest of molehills"

    I have a feeling it would sell really well. (To women)

    • watre you trying to say

    • It should be obvious what I'm trying to say, but then again, you do seem to have very poor communication skills.

      You are making a big deal over nothing.

    • so pretty much I need to stop freaking out and trying to get a hold of him, and let him do him and eventualy il hear from him?


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  • "why didn't you answer, and I was joking Because I tried to get a hold of you earlier today, is everything OK?" DONT say that, it seems obsessive. You are overanalyzing which women like to do :) he has things going on in his life you'll never know about

  • beacuse he doesn't like you. jk I just didn't want 2 read your novel

  • RELAX! just stop calling/texting him and let him come to you.