All the guys: Please explain to me your strange texting habits?!

arg it's driving me nuts. This one guy basically pours his heart out to me and tells me all this stuff and acts exceptionally flirty but then about 5 hours later I get no reply for 24 hours. I get that you get busy or whatever but why not just say sorry can't talk right now. It doesn't make logical sense how you can have this so called "connecting" conversation with someone but then they blow you off randomly. This has happened a lot of times before, with other guys as well. It's like where is the consistency here? It's just plain annoying as I never know where I stand or if I should take him seriously.


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  • He's probably masturbating. For a very long time.

    • Could be. He did say he thought of me when he masturbated. (HELL YEAH) No lies. But that's a very long time then and yeah unlikely.

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    • Hmmm thanks that was insightful :) Brilliant reply. Thanks. Now go masturbate cause it seems to be on your mind :) :) :)

    • Will do.


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  • because he wants you to respond with the same tenacity as he did. he wants you to be the initiator. if one person is doing all the work then it begins to be a lost cause right? if you're interested in a relationship as much as they are then there wouldn't be a problem. save the "connecting" for voice to voice communication. texting leaves too much in the air. its for quick messages only not trying to get to know someone.

  • This guy is out of you life now as you told me but I will say that I am not a fan of texting and if I will pour my heart out to someone it will not be over a text.

    • Yeah I agree. Serious stuff are meant to be said in real life. Some people are just really shy I guess and can't have a decent conversation in real life. I know people like that :/

    • Yup, I was never a fan of texing

  • sometimes I do that, just cause I don't feel like texting anymore


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  • Some people don't have their cell phone attached to them at all times. Or sometimes they're at work, school, hanging out with friends, in a movie theatre, driving, etc. where it's inappropriate, illegal/dangerous, and/or rude to be texting. Hell, maybe his battery died. It's not a big deal to go 24 hours without talking to someone.

    • He's masturbating.

    • But see this guy basically told me how much he loved me and whatnot. It's not like it was some random convo. He really said some intense stuff. I just would have expected more.

    • Maybe he is a little embarressed that he over shared his feelings with you so he's backing off a bit to give himself time to overcome this.