okay. is there something wrong with me? cos I can't I'm the type of a guy that is comfortable to be in a relationship. dating for me is something I can't manage, I have to stay with one chick and I get hurt in the all maybe I should just say no to dating and relationship. I feel like I'm getting


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  • i wouldn't give up. there has to be a girl out there for you who won't hurt you. you just have to be better at assessing what type of personality that girl you're going out with has. I had an ex who said that to me and when he told me no relationship that is a sign he gave up on himself so what hope is there to having a relationship if you give up hope like that? anyways, good luck


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  • this probably won't answer your question. But I'm in the same boat. While, its exciting to date I need to know that there is something more to the relationship. I've been seeing a guy for the past two months, and we've been out on dates every weekend. It was exciting at first, and now I'm just anxious all the time.

    Bottom line: I don't think anything is wrong with you! It's refreshing to see someone echo my feelings.

  • isnt dating like one step closer to being in a relationship?


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