How to escape a guy...when you are office mate?

I have a boyfriend right now I love him very much and he loves me also, we are office mates...when we have a LQ or a problem I don't want to see him nor to talk to him but how to? we are office mates...


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  • Unfortunately that's just something you have to deal with due to the situation you put yourself into. Grow up a little, its your job not your house. If you are mad at him but need to talk to him and act civil at work then do so. You're not in high school and I'm sure this isn't a job you can just walk away from. If you don't need to talk to him then don't. But when you mix a relationship in with work that's never a good idea unless you can act mature towards each other especially when things go sour.

  • that's just what comes wthen you date someone you work with