Dating a girl or being friends with a girl--what is the difference?

I just saw a question about how a girl wanted to know what she should ask a guy before going on a date with the guy..this is assuming that they are "just friends" at the time (or even just acquaintances) ..but one of the answerers gave an answer that literally freaked me out..she was of course being sarcastic but..I could not help but think about that answer..and that question..

So what I am wondering is.. what is the difference between being "just friends" with a girl and "dating" a it really about "physical contact" or is it about being "one-on-one".. I have heard some girls do not even like to go on "one-on-one" dates with boys so they use "group dates" as their "dates" (but is that not what boys and girls who are friends do)..I am just curious as to what is the main distinction between being "just friends" with a girl and "dating" a girl is..Also..many "best friends" fall for each other (so does that negate the "best friendship"?)


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  • The physical aspect...and the level of emotional intimacy as well.


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  • well, you have to ask her out directly and then you'll know if the time spent between you two is more than just friends. if you ask her to do anything that requires the two of you to spend one on one time, and she doesn't mention other guys in front of you, then you will know she sees you as more than a friend.


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  • to be honest, I've wondered about the same thing! what's the essence of dating? is going out with female friends on a regular basis (one on one) for dinner considered dating? is the difference between close friendship between a male and a female only different to a relationship when you look at the aspect of physical touch?

    when I think about it, my female friends in some way feel like my girlfriends...except without the intimate touch...

    we experience new things together, we laugh, we joke around, we go out, we talk about everything, we watch movies together, we go out eating, etc etc etc