Big problem

my boyfriend is playing mind games with me. he is saying that I lied and has all my friends belving him. he is confusing me because we hve been dating for 3 yrs. and all a suddend these games.

the only thing that will make me leave if he hits her . I can handle him hitting me


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  • Talk to him about it in a stern voice if he doesn't give you a straight answer dump him immediately, and your friends believe him over him they aren't really your friends.


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  • Leave it will only get worse from here on. It happened to my sis and cousin, the guy are lucky I din't get a chance to introduce them to my fists, freaking coward mentally hurting girls and playing witht heir feelings.

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    • But I love him with all my heart. y should I throw away almost 4yrs of work

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    • I was sorta like that. I mad him mad and I should not have done that. it is my fault.

    • Bull Shit, its not your fault, if a woman does something that hurts that bad end the relationship if it hurt that bad, or leave cool down and think it over, There is never an excuse to hit a woman unless she is biting off your penis & you don't deserve it or she is trying to kill ppl... A slap in the face, poured drink, or an insult is just a reason to leave with class not to hit. Find a better man, a man that has character and around your lvl of experience, it will only get worse if you stay.

  • Next time he hits you it will get worse, unless you leave, when he bruises you call the police and have that SOB arrested. Hopefully they'll treat him as well as he treat you in prison. I'd love to teach that piece of scum a lesson.

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  • stay calm and quiet. Don't do anything silly. if you have done nothing wrong you will come clean one day.

    • What do you mean I will come clean one day?

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  • get answers if possible then dump him and your friends who believe him over you that's awful that they don't believe you and that they believe him