1st date tonight help please:)

I've never really been on a date before I know the basics don't be rude don't call people ect ect .be kind

But I really want to "WOW" this guy we both agreed that we don't want to jump into a relationship and were sorta friends I know basic stuff about him music ect is there any topics I should bring up to make him even more interested

we didn't even go he acted interested, said I was cute, asked me if I wanted to go out THEN drops all contact I've been waiting for his msg and its 7 now I wrote him LAST NIGHT we both have early mornings so we wanted to go out early. what went wrong?!


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  • Try to act like you really really enjoy your self, that way even if the date sux the guy will be like '' wow, she seemed like she had a great time even though it was pretty dull, she must really like me. '' Zing, zang he's yours. Note: Only experienced guys can look past their own ego and call your bluff so I think it has nearly 0% fail rate.


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  • I suggest you don't worry about wowing him. That's a lot of pressure to bring to a first date. There's a lot of time to wow him later ;)

    Just be yourself -- be funny in your way, tease him a little bit. Pay attention to what he says and ask follow up questions that force him to explain a bit.

    And have fun!


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  • my advice would be act confident (guys love it). try to be yourself, guys always say that that is what attracts them to a girl more than anything. and guys love a girl who they can just chill with, and have fun and laugh with. make it fun! don't think too much about things. while its still new, just worry about getting to know him and making him feel comfortable around you!