Should I quit texting him all together?

I was texting the boyfriend tonight like always. He went to his cousins house for normal Monday dinner. We were texting a bit then he stopped cause he went in the basement and loses signal there. He calls me later and says "i figured I would call you because when I come out of the basement the texts are too much. Well they aren't too much but you clogs up my phone." So we talked for a minute and then he said "well ill check in with you later." So...should I quit the texting all together?


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  • Yeah, you don't whant to engage your bg with meaningless txtmsg.

    He dosen't mean anything bad by it, but you can't use the phone as a "give me attention tool"

    It will only backfire as you can tell.


What Girls Said 1

  • Umm..yeah but he seemed kind of rude about it.