Would you bring a girl that you are not that interested in to hang out around you and your friends?

he asks me to come to the comedy club with him and his friends, and recently to a friend's going away party yesterday. me and his friends get a long well I think. they seem to like me. and I think his friends think we are a "thing" but I don't really think we are exclusive. although I think there is another girl he's talking/hanging out with also... I don't want to ask what is the deal with him and her but how do I find out?


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  • You don't need to find out if something is actually going on with anyone else. Make him forget about that other person. Everytime you spend time together, he has to feel like if the world would blow up, he wants you to be the last person he'd want to see. You two don't seem too close or intimate yet, just let it flow. If you ask him about the other girl, you'd sound like a freak, he doesn't owe you anything and neither do you. Be more confident about yourself. You either get along with his friends or you don't, they either like you or they don't. And after all that, at the end of the day, who'd you wanna date, him or his friends? Unlike women, a guy's friends has no real control over who he's with. Be it, but don't be too much of it. Flirting and dating is like a tag game,

  • Yeah, but the going away party invite makes me think he likes you.


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