What is dating?

What is the difference between dating and hanging out? What is dating and what is hanging out? Me and my friend are really confused on this topic, because we've never dated any guys. If anyone can give us a definition or example, something to clear it up?


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  • I have to agree with the first post. I hang out with a lot of friends that are girls and we know we are friends. For me, personally, hanging out is with a group....one on one is a date. The girls I hang out with are always in a group. Few guys few girls at the club. Yes we dance etc, but holding hands, slight touching, flirting...etc. is done on a date. The main thing is to be honest about your intentions. If you two like each and things could go further and you starting going to movies...well then you're on the rollercoaster of dating.


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  • The difference is, with dating, there are some responsibilities and obligations, such as he has to be there on time, be only with you, spend money on you, etc.

    With hanging out, no one is under any obligations.


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  • Well the way that I've always looked at it is that a date is a mutual outing between 2 people *or if you double date or go on a group date* hanging out is different I can go out to the movies or dinner or w/e with a friend that is a guy and if its just my friend not someone that could like you or that you like than its hanging out. For instance my best friend is a guy and we go to the movies and dinner all the time just like I would do with my best friend that is a girl. But if it was someone I didn't know well if it was just me and them I feel like that would fall under date. Honestly a big thing is the feelings and each person - if there is a mutual just friends hanging out if not more of a date, but there can be a very thin and foggy line depending on the situation.