First year of high school and i feel like sh*t.

well its my first year of high school and I have only got one close friend I really want to expand it but I'm not confident at all, I have these other girls that are friends but they are like snobs they always think they are so good and only use me when needed, so I guess they aren't really friends can you please give me some tips on making friends and looking good, plush getting more popular this would save my high school years thanks so much I'm really not happy


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  • read "don't sweat the small stuff for teens" and then you wouldn't worry so much.

    Don't care too much about making friends, that's how I would look at it. Instead just focus on a part time job, and getting straight As and figuring what you want to do AFTER high school. Maybe go and job shadow or interview people who have cool jobs you like...


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  • Haha man like a temporary jailhouse. Anyways everyone is so judgmental and hypocritical because they don't know who they are yet but, you can be the most popular girl in your school for the next 3 it won't mean nothing the day after you graduate. If want to be popular then you have to be fake, date a guy that does any sport, social is the main thing.

    • i go to an all girls school, its a hell hole

    • Wish I could go to an all girl school _

      But anyways then just form your own wolf pack or just be solo.

      I took the solo role, I was pretty notorious. But then again I was a rebel haha.

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  • Just be yourself. really that all there is to it. There is always someone there that will truly accept you of who you really are. You don't need a huge group of friends, it only takes one.