Problems dating anyone?

I always get stuck on like 2 or 3 dates and then girls lose interest or want to be firends. Do you think it's time to try a new approach? I've decided to stop being nice to girls and tell them I don't want to be their friends... I already have enough female friends.


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  • Yer doing it wrong.

    Don't stop being NICE, but do stop being CAUTIOUS. There is a difference.

    If you feel like she might be losing interest suggest a crazy date! (Like tree climbing, or geocaching!) Also, I know I lose interest if I think the GUY is losing interest. If you haven't made any moves to at least hug/hold hands her by the end of the 2nd date then she's gonna think, "Gee, think guy is nice, but maybe he's not too keen on me..."

    Let her know you're interested! Otherwise you are going to lose her every time.

    Be brave! Believe in the me that believes in you!


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  • let them come to you and don't be all tense too much and try a diff aproach first impression makes every thing and try being a little more not too clingy give her some space and best of luck my friend

  • Are you getting physical in any way by the third date?