Is he serious or just f***ing with me?

i like this guy for a while now we started talking again we had a thing before but then things happened and we just lost touch and didn't see each other but now we are and he know I like him and he's told mi he's likes mi too we hang out and have sum fun together but I don't know if I should believe what he says to mi even the sweet moments we have or what he just feels like I'm just another girl to f*** with and to tell you the truth I'm fine with that because iv done that too but I still want something real I need to know wtf is he real or just fake


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  • ^.^ You answered your own question. You don't really care whether or not you guys are serious or not because you've done it too. Just be straight up and ask him. Are you guys FWBs or is this something real?


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  • Give it a little bit longer can't really tell but don't fall for his easily