How can I flip a guy cavewoman style to get a first kiss?

Iam very shy and shorter then he. he is passive/very shy. Recently said in his ear the 3 love words. He whispered back shyly that he is "glad." Partly deaf I asked him to say it again.. he did then started freaking out not to hug him. This several times. also that he is not a hugger . . We have in the past many times.He was out the next day over his freaking out in a happier mood but hiding behind a very long phone call. He did acknowledge me several times but definately hiding behind the call. I even thought is it possible he is just pretending to talk to someone l.o.l. He even made hand jestures and whispered at me the person just talks and talks.So, being about a foot or less shorter then he how can I position him so he cannot escapoe my kiss? we are not teenagers but both terminally shy.


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  • Something doesn't add up here. You are in love with him, but you two have yet to share a first kiss? Are you perhaps rushing things a bit? Very possible. But let's let that go a moment and say you are not rushing things...

    Shyness is something I can understand in the initial boy meets girl stage. Since you are both this way, I wonder how you ever got together in the first place!

    But now, you are at the I love you stage. Presumably this means you have been seeing each other for a while, longer than six months anyway. Even if you both are shy, you should not be that way with each other by now, even if you are that way with others. So I would look elsewhere than the shyness for answers. One of the dangers of dating a shy person is that you cannot be sure of their motives. They may be everything they say, and have wonderful feelings for you. Or, they may simply be around you because it is the easier thing to do compared with starting all over again with the anxiety of meeting another person.

    You have a right to know from him directly how he feels about you. He should be able to look you in the eye and tell you how he feels. If there is any equivocation, then be very careful, because you are at serious risk of being hurt.


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  • Prey on him sitting in a chair or a couch, don't know l.o.l.


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  • You sound a bit intense no offense. Maybe let him lead?