Why the hell do you want to go to homecoming so badly, girls?

i really really don't wanna go but my girlfriend wants me to, I never went to homecoming cause I think their a waste of time and money since I could make a nice dinner and go to the homecoming party afterward.

GIRLS: why the hell do you ladies wanna go SO BADLY!?!?!?!?!?!


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  • The only one school event I ever paid money and went to was senior prom. The others I felt were so useless and pointless. I honestly think sometimes people go to these things just to take pictures being all done up. But then again, some people want the memories and a fun time.


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  • 1. I can wear something other then a stupid uniform and show people my style [Yes we have uniforms stupid FL. Even if I do make the uniform look like a barfing rainbow]

    2. We can hang out with friends and dance and be ourselfs

    3. Its a perfect way to ask a guy out especially if your shy

    4. It could be a Female thing?

    5. You can meet new people and possibly get lucky

    6. Its less formal then Prom + cheaper and well..It's fun I mean girls love dancing even if some of us suck :D

  • Because it's built up to be romantic and special, a little like a wedding.

  • its fun to dress up and show people how pretty you can be. it sounds kinda crummy, but its the cold hard truth. hahahaa

  • Most girls don't really mind not going...but some girls like to get dressed up. It's a once in a life time experience.


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