Great weekend but why no call?

There's a boy who I've known for a little while now. You could tell we had chemistry but nothing ever came about it. Well recently he had been texting me and we hung out with weekend. I thought things were super fun and seemed to be going great! I haven't heard from him since Sunday morning. Why do boys do that? I'm trying to play it cool and let him make all the moves but it's driving me nuts! Should I just call it a good weekend and let it go or wait and see if he calls...?


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  • Jeez, it's only been a couple days. Anything could have happened. Maybe he's playing it cool & doesn't want to look desperate. If he doesn't call by Fri. then start worrying.


What Girls Said 1

  • Give him a call but don't press the subject just a 'how's it going?' and friendl chat should do the trick, if he brings it up then he voluntarily did so, no pressure form your half. After you make the first call, don't expect yourself to keep making the calls, he'll understand you're interested and if he is too then he'll make it a point to contact you. Its only been a few days , don't stress.