How to know if you're not in a rebound relationship?

well my boyfriend broke up with his ex last dec.. he was in a two year relationship with her..since the break up they are in solid no contact...right in jan he started hitting on me and I'll admit that I like him too...we started dating since April and we are still together..he is nice guy but I just wanna be sure that if I am in a rebound relationship or not...he also proposed me for marriage..he wants to get engaged to can somebody give me some opinions about this..coz I think its moving a little too quick..but I am really happy about it Because I love him a lot...i don't know if he feels the same way? Because he started liking me a month after he dumped his ex..?


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  • You can't really know. There were times in my most recent relationship when I thought about my first love and thought I'd be happier, and that ended 4 years before that. The pain doesn't completely dissolve. If he's good to you and he is sincerely trying to be your partner in the relationship, you can't ask too much more than that.

    • i just don't want to be a things are moving so fast..he wants to marry me...i have been his friend for about a year and half and I don't know like we just started dating 3 months I don't get it what's the catch you know?

    • If he's given you no reason to doubt him then you shouldn't make one. One thing I've learned about getting a relationship off on the right foot is giving the benefit of the doubt. You say you love him and he loves you. That's a great start. Why agonize over a question that even HE might not be able to answer?

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  • Well if you guys didn't get together until April then that doesn't sound like a rebound to me. It is kinda strange that he's already proposed to you though. I wouldn't rush into that if I were you. Take your time, see where things go.