Why did he all of a sudden stop texting me?

So me and this guy met at the gym back in March and started dating in may. He would take me out and be the sweetest guy ever and even buying me things. He would just go out of his way to buy me things like bringing me flowers up at work. We were never exclusive, but he would call me his "his girl" or his "girlfriend" in third person to other people or to me, but would not say it straight up to me. Since the beginning he would say that he wanted me as his girlfriend, but I told him that it was too soon. Plus I would see that on Facebook he would comment on this one girls picture all the time and even asked to go to the movies with her last week. and he is always friend requesting fitness models on Facebook.So I was always really careful and little more closed off with him because I didn't want to jump in with anything with him since I saw that. Well this weekend was the last thing he texted me saying that I was such "a cool girl and he can't lose me" and I responded to his text saying something nice, but he hasn't responded to that in five days. He has never done that before since we have been talking bck in may...why all of a sudden he would not text me back? And I am the one who usually does not text back not him. He was the one who asked me the last time we hung out if "i could see a future with him"? Why ask all of those questions and say nice things and always hangout when I ask him then not text me back randomly after talking for almost three months striaght together?


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  • I think you need to be more clear with him. He probably doesn't think you're into him or something. Just text something flirty to him again and I'm sure he'll get the message.


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  • from my experience. You really need to jump into a relationship. He probably did want an exclusive relationship but you never gave that. So, he started with the Facebook stuff and such. He might not have texted back because he really likes you and wants to be with you exclusively. Now, he might be frustrated with the fact that you aren't. Go ahead and text him and ask why. Goodluck(: