Should I forget about him?

Ok I met this guy through an online dating site a couple of months ago.

We sent e-mails back and forth for a good month or so then finally met up and went on a couple of dates, everything was great and we kissed but then I realized I was having to organize all of the dates. Something I've never had to do before.

He never outright complimented me and I knew I was looking fantastic, (lol more than a few guys were trying to chat me up in front of him) but I smiled and ignored their attempts, focusing all of my attention on him. Hell I've been my normal confident, playful, fun self and yet this guy rarely contacts me. For example he's away on holiday right now and we started e-mailing each other, every other day but now it's been nearly 5 days since his last e-mail. But I've chased him a little before, it's not as if he's having to do all the work here. Am I reading too much into this?

I feel as though he doesn't realize what he could have with me.

Any tips on what to do next? Any girls gone through similar things?

p.s. we're both in our early 20's


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  • If he's not showing an active interest in seeing you, then I would drop it- the relationship isn't going to progress if both of you aren't into it. If he really wants to see you then he can make the next move.


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  • It sounds like you could have plenty of guys, yet now you're intrigued by this guy because he isn't responding as you're used to - like all the other guys hitting on you and validating how attractive you are. So is it really that he's such a great guy or is this all just to prove to yourself that you're as desirable as you thought you were because his behavior is making you question it?


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  • Sounds like you are reading into things a bit to much and growing impatient with things you feel he should be doing. If you know he is a good guy, I would say be patient with him and communicate to him about those things that bother you. Try not to read into the things he does too much! :)