What turns you on?

So.. I'm dating this guy and I just want to know.. for all you guys out there... what turns you on... ? Cus I mean me and this guy are doing great but just wondering... ;) thanks


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  • In your age group, being close to a girl is enough to turn a guy on. Seriously.

    I am older and my fiance gets very turned on by just kissing me. The only time you have to worry about whether you turn your partner on or not is if you two are not getting along and not respecting each other. Nothing brings lust into check better than feeling your partner doesn't care about you and doesn't respect your feelings.

    • haha I like the beginning...:) which is really true.. but I'm dating a senior so he's around flirty sluts all day.. and I'm just a sophomore so yeah lol jw. and were doing really good. and all I was just wondering! :)

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    • So, for me I dress and act in ways that turn me on (most guys get very turned on when their partner is feeling very sexy) and if my partner has a particular fetish (like high heels or leather) I will add that to the mix. But none of this makes me think he won't wonder what it is like to sleep with other women. I just know that he has enough life experience to know that acting on those thoughts would be a big mistake.

    • Thanks and yeah I know exactly whatcha mean! :) hahaha its kinda funny though cus like when I'm around him and his friends he's not scared to hold my hand or anything just cus I'm younger than him and stuff. ya know! I love that! :)


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  • I like a girl that takes care of herself, if she dresses really nice, smells really nice, has the right amount of make up, cool bling on, a pedicure, a manicure, a nice smile, a cool hair style, she's got to have swagger yo

  • 'Pre-op' ladyboys


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  • bf gets a boner from just kissing :o you can kiss his neck and everywhere you like :p I'm sure you know its pretty easy to get them turned on already haha

    • with my boyfriend... yeah I know lol :)

  • Turns him on in general? Like, little things? or in bed?

    Anyway... turn-ons are vastly different from guy to guy.

    • like the little things lol ;)

  • lol anything you do is a turn on. he's with you cause you already turn him on