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She's always too busy to hang out?

I met the girl at school about a year ago. We actually only started talking because her friend was real into me, so she took it upon herself too walk... Show More

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  • I would just straight out ask her what the deal is. last time I went to tennis I definitely did not play 6 days a week, all day. Just ask her if she really wants to hang out and set a date. She may be shy and is trying to put it off. I would suggest asking face to face if you can... Whatever you do, good luck man =P

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  • I believe that this girl isn't interested in you. She is saying she is busy so she doesn't have to hang with you or deal with telling you she's not interested. OR! you can ask her when she would like to hang out, or ask her why she doesn't want to hang with you. if you ask her, then she will tell you, and you'll have your answer.

    • Then why would she say she was? And I have asked her, she said she does, just that she's busy. Besides she's the one that brought hanging out up.

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