Will a man ever want to date and maybe one day marry a girl who has a kid?

when you find out a girl you have gone out with has a kid does it turn you away? are there men out there that can marry a single mom and maybe start his own family with her? is a single mom just for dating or can a man commint long term?


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  • yep , just so happened I did , she had a 1 year old daughter at the time. her ex husband came home from work literally kicked her out of the house . after a yr. of trying to reconcile she finally

    filed for divorce.

    she met me some months latter after leaving the state she was in to a friend of hers where we were in another. mutual friend sort of paired us up(played cupid) it must have worked we've been married now 40 yrs.

    of course I'm one of those shy quiet nice guys that got over looked a lot in high school lol

    we've had 2 daughters of our own , between my step daughter and my natural daughters I have

    5 grandkids 4 boys and 1 girl (she's the youngest)

    so ya it can and does happen.

    i'm not saying this is a hard and fast rule of thumb , but generaly the type guys that do are guys like me who as said who were over looked in high school generally those who were called sweet and nice guys (just friends) but not boyfriend material.

    take what I said with a grain of salt . not everyone shares or likes the idea.

    especially in the age bracket you have?(18-24) seeing as your so close to (still) or maybe just grad. from high school you can probably remember several such guys(the nice guy)

    seeing you have a child (unless your husband died or was killed recently in battle) you were probably married to the type guy that wasn't nice to you . he left you or you wised up and left him.

    personally I think my personal story should have and did answer all your questions.

    admittedly I through in some extra thought but only as a suggestiion as to the type of guy you may want to look for for that long term commitment your wanting.if you do find such as guy be good to him and he'll return that multiplied back.


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  • It depends on the woman.

    Some women get with unscrupulous guys and end up leaving the mom alone with the children and the woman wants a replacement for the dad, for the most part, this is bad.

    Others exaggerate with attention distribution (they handle less attention to their guys, focusing first on their children, which ISN'T unreasonable but nobody wants to be neglected).

    As long as you stay true to finding someone and being careful how you handle you relationships, also adding the possibility the guy may want a child of his own, then there's absolutely no problem at all with dating single moms.

  • your best bet are single fathers who have kids as well, most guys without kids would not be too keen on a woman who has kids already but they are out there

  • Most guys won't jump at the chance, so if you find one who will, don't take him for granted.


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  • My cousin was a single mom (actually she was cheating on her husband with a single guy and her and her husband are now divorced and she is now with the guy she cheated with and they have another daughter now).

    My sister cheated on her husband (almost same story except that she doesn't have kids yet with the new bf) with a guy that is single and loves her kid from the previous marriage.

  • Ofcourse? I see it happening all the time. The fear that you have inside is just holding you back from knowing that it sure happens. Nothing to worry about. And if a man loves you, he would cross every line to be with you =)

  • i went to high school with a girl who had a baby by her high school boyfriend, but now she's married to another guy and has a kid with him. so it could happen. single moms date and fall in love too. it will probably be harder than if you had no kids, but it doesn't mean you're resigned to a life of solitude and cat ownership