Internet dating, a minefield?

Is internet dating a minefield or have you had success with it? It has been said that 90% of guys/girls that use them are married. What's everyone's experience of internet dating? Good to see some views on this one, thnx

Update - as pointed out the word 'minefield' may be a bit OTT for the situation so I'll rephrase that and say 'what are your experiences with internet dating, good or bad'. Thanks.


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  • LOL, a minefield, a long dark tunnel, a rough and windy sea, all are good analogies that can be used to describe online dating. Having had several years of experience with online dating I can honestly say, it is unpredictable. I've met people who have become my friends, I've met people who have just become lovers and I've learned that a lot of online profiles are just Fake. Scammers looking to take you for whatever they can. One out of ten contacts that you make online may turn out to be real. If you seek first to know real things about the people you meet online, you will quickly learn if they are real or fake. If you let the people online dictate to you what you can have from them, then you will be drawn in like a fish with a hook in it's mouth. But if you are discerning, you will validate everyone that you meet online. If they are willing to allow you to get to know them, then most likely they are real. If they put up any resistance at all, Drop Them! Like a hot rock. Stick with searching for people who are near you (in your city or area). That way, a face to face meeting will not be a challenge, unless there is something to be hidden. If there is, Drop Them Too!

    • Thank you, for my first Best Answer. I am currently seeing a new friend that I met online in June of this year. And I'll be meeting another one I've been writing about a month later this month. A minefield, perhaps. But the mines have bobble-heads, and you can avoid them if you want to.


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  • If you are talking about online dating sites, I found they take a strong stomach to use. I used them and know several others that did too. As long as you can calibrate your expectations and recognize that you can end up going on a lot of disappointing dates before you meet someone you want more with, you will be okay. Even then though you need stamina to date a lot.

    A guy I work with met his wife online. However, he dated a lot of girls that he either just slept with and ditched (I am sure that was disappointing for them) or that he could not believe how much they misrepresented themselves. I found it very disappointing myself. At least 50% of the guys I met had lied about something significant. The rest I had no chemistry with. Also, yes, there were a few cases where we did not progress to dating because I strongly suspected they were married.

    I did end up with my fiance from Facebook, but he was someone I had been seeing in person at a local business, he friended me based on knowing my name from paying my bill, and we took about 4 months of random convo before we went on our first date. I already knew we had chemistry and the dating helped to see if we had enough substance to go anywhere.

  • you gotta be really careful but you can find a good one

  • I found my guy on the internet.

    We are married.

    We found each other on Facebook though, and had 1 class together when we were 12.


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  • I had four major relationships after my divorce and they all started online. I met my new wife online. I think it's a better way to meet people. You can look at lots of profiles in a short time and make initial contact anonymously. is the best free dating site I found. If you want some help with your profile, contact me directly.

  • Is it a minefield? I'm going to suggest you ask a guy who's actually survived walking through a minefield if he'd rather do that again or if he'd rather go on an internet date. . .

    • Thank you and very good point,may be I should rephrase the questions ...

    • Ha! Just being funny. I don't think it's that bad, although honestly I haven't tried it--only heard from friends. I think it's just like any other dating though once you actually meet in person.

    • LOL! Thanks, I did think that you might be but then thought someone might actually think it was OTT :)