Friends are telling me to not call the guy I like?

has anyone been in a difficult situation where it causes your heart to be sad and you confused? many of my friends are telling me to not call the guy I like nor text him because of what had happened. they say when you pretend not to care it drives boys nuts and they call the girl they messed up with. has anyone tried this? if so how long did it take because its hard for me to do it.


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  • Im guessing he cheated if so you prob told him your done? If so then if you call him that just tells him that you are not ready to let go of him and he will prob do it again your not going to be able to let go so yea just don't call him and he will call/text you so don't call him or your going to be in for a lot of hurt in the future. for me it takes a day or so for me but I don't cheat so yea

  • Your friends are retarded and so are you for not using your own brain and being a sheep


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