I find myself attracted to mature girls/women of all ages.

Whats good, I'm 19 years old , I'm turning 20 in early Sept...And I find myself attracted to mature girls/women of all Ages, from 15 and up, even cougars,lol. I'm far from a pervert ,desperate or anything, I think its just me, in my nature, I sometimes get at chicks that's like 16-to my age 19, and at the sametime I get at chicks that's my age and much older. The girl I just broke up with was 19. Itz crazy,I tried to get at my little brother's friend's mom,lol, and of course, she turned me down. And My Sister's Friend which is 16 and dates older guys , we kinna flirt every now and then, nothing serious. I'm Not a ugly dude, I have no problem getting females,..nothing like that...i just wanted to get some opinions from across the world to see if this is normal for a young male..thanks


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  • Yeah, that's normal.

  • Well, I'm 16 and I've date lots of 18 and 19 year olds so I would say it's fairly normal.


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