I would like to tell him that I missed him and that I don't want to hang out with any other guys.

I have been dating a guy for about a month now. He is 31, as am I.

Last week when he hung out he told me he really, really likes me. He also said he feels I may be a bit reserved with him, he'd like me to open up and trust him. I didn't see him or really talk to him all last week and I found myself missing him. We are going on a date in about an hour. I would like to tell him that I missed him and that I don't want to hang out with any other guys. How do I go about this without sounding retarded? Thanks.


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  • I think you should just say what you said, that you missed him and are starting to really want to focus on just him. If you want to be safe you can throw in that you don't want to put any pressure and show that you aren't too needy or clingy. But just casually let him know that you are starting to focus more on him.


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  • You said it perfectly just then, not retarded at all. Tell him what you just said about you not wanting to be with any other guys.

  • Dont hold back so much. Show him you care. Your a woman and you have more power than you know. Be yourself cause that appears to be what he likes. he will take any attention you give I think.


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  • all you have to say is you missed him & see what his response is. say something like "i found myself missing you this past week." that doesn't sound weird or psycho in my opinion, ha, and he will more than likely be flattered. if you don't want to date anyone else, but you want to know if he is already you can ask him that in a way that doesn't sound clingy. "are there any other woman you like to spend time with other than me?"

    • Ok. Great advice on the missing him part. That question about the other women... that doesn't sound bad? I'm a bit of a perfectionist... I want to do it right. Thanks for your help!

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    • awww, good luck!

    • Thanks!