Why did he tell me he wants a girlfriend?

Not really sure how to respond. Do guys say this to girls they want to date or is it for my information only, so I don't waste his time or whatever.


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  • No way to know just based on that. You need to ask him for more clarification.


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  • I think he said it because he wants you to know he isn't all about just sleeping with you. He wants you to know he thinks more deeply about you, and is willing to seriously consider giving you girlfriend status.


What Girls Said 1

  • He just want to let you know and want to share how he feels, no other reasons intended. Don't take it as a hint nor take it as a don't waste his time pursuing him sort of thing. But, yes sometimes guys say this to girls they want to date as a way of dropping the hint, but that also depends on how close you two are and he might just share how he feels to you because he's very comfortable with you. Best thing is not to over analyze this. If you wanna know whether he likes you, ask him straightaway and don't play guess work. hope this helps.