Suddenly stops all contact?

I met a guy online who I got to like and he suggested we swap numbers. He immediately started texting me and to be honest, he barely stopped for about a week, sending me a "Hey how are you, how is your day?" while I'm at work.

We met two days ago and it was good, we talked and laughed and kissed at the end. None of us seemed nervous or uncomfortable or disappointed with what they saw. Apart from when I texted straigth after the date to say I got home safe, he hasn't sent me a single text or message of any kind. I texted yesterday and no reply which, considering he couldn't stop talking to me before, is very strange. He was also kissing me very passionately on the night and seemed really happy with it.

I know its only been a couple of days and to be fair, he has just started a new job but I would just like opinions on whether or not there is still a chance.

We originally arranged to go out this weekend and decided on the first date that this still stands even saying, "see you on Saturday" before he left.


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  • All signs point to a change of heart on his part. Texting is not difficult, even with a new job. It just takes a few minutes in a day to send and answer a few texts.

    I have found online dating can be quite difficult. I have been on many first dates where the other person thought I was quite interested when I wasn't. Most people are not going to do anything rude to show another person they are not interested. Further, it was honestly hard for me to gauge my final interest until I slept on it. Seems I would try to fight my instincts that told me I was not feeling it for a guy. But when I would sleep on it, in the morning I would always know the truth about the situation and act accordingly.

    So, when you two decided to make plans for Saturday, do you actually have firm plans, like where you are meeting and when? If not, I would expect him to be firming this up by now. Leave the ball in his court now. You already text him yesterday and he knows you two were planning to go out on Saturday. If you hear nothing further from him, I would let this go.

    • i think you're probably right, I won't be contacting him unless its on the day to see check whether or not I'm going to be turning up at the bar to see that he's not there. Although, he did ask me several times during the night where I want to go and insisted he's still game despite the fact he has an early start the next day.


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  • He either faked being interested (which wouldn't make any sense to me), or he's playing a game. I'm thinking the latter.

    • what kind of game?

    • One that drives you up a wall and makes you feel like you aren't all that important to him despite body language and actions that suggest otherwise.

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  • unfortunately with online dating, there are flakes

  • I know it's hard to see clearly in your own situation but the facts are pretty straight out. I guess after the date he wasn't feeling it anymore. This is a very common things for guys to do. Don't make up excuses like his job. Just forget him and find someone better.