To have goodnight kiss or NOT to have a goodnight kiss? GUYS! (girl input is welcomed)

Let's say, hypothetically, you are on a first date with a girl. The girl is nice and all, and the date is going by okay, seemingly with out a hitch. Right before you part ways, you ask for a goodnight kiss. She is very hesitant, and replies that perhaps next time would be better. Do you keep pursuing a kiss, or do you back off until next time?


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  • You don't ask for a good night kiss. You move in to take one, and she'll either respond or not.

    And if not, well, you can pull back.

    But if she's not interested in a good night kiss, then yeah you respect that and back off. And have a long hard think about whether you're going to ask her out again, since she clearly seems to feel no connection to you.

    • My thoughts exactly. You pick up cues from her over the course of the date, and you look for more cues toward the very end. She knows what is coming, and she will either encourage or discourage it. If you have to ask, the answer will probably be no.

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    • And while that may be true, it wouldn't necessarily make a difference to a guy like me, since I don't want to date someone who's conservative or old fashioned. So either way, we'd both come to the conclusion we're not suitable for each other.

    • True, you make a fine point.


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  • She pretty much said no.

    When a girl says no, that means no.

  • back off... I prob wouldn't ask again

  • I don't ask. I'll start moving in, either she'll meet halfway or I pull away. That pretty much would kill any chances of a second date though. Better to figure out if there is chemistry early and not later.


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  • I bet most would be a gentleman & wait until next time. ;-)

  • LOL if I were a guy, I wouldn't expect there to be a next time.