Was dating a guy and his friends were always around?

I was dating this guy, and his friends were ALWAYS AROUND. Not joking. Always. Plus they hated me, because I wasn't a slut. I really liked him and he said he really liked me. I wanna know: If I'm ever in this situation again, how can I ask these guys to LEAVE?


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  • Best option. Talk to him about it before hand to avoid an awkward situation later. I'm assuming it wouldn't be a big deal if it weren't all the time right? tell him you don't mind it every once in a while, but you'd like your alone time with him. (If you don't throw that in there, he may just rush to assume that you want all his attention and are needy). If it doesn't at least improve or you see an effort on his part, then he doesn't care enough and isn't worth you're time.


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  • It's better if this guy would leave his friends out of it in the first place. Just you and him to keep focused on each other.

    So ask him nicely next time if it can be you two alone to have fun. He can see his friends some other time.


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  • Tell him and tell him to make his friends leave you guys alone