I really like him, I just don't want to get hurt. Advice?

I'm like this guy a lot and I want to ask him to be my boyfriend. I asked hom if he liked me and on Friday he said yes. So during class I was plotting about doing it, but since were friends my excuse is that it would be weird. I was talking to my brother and he asked why didn't I do it, and after talking more I realize I just don't want him to hurt me. My last 2 relationships both guy left me for another girl that was X100000000 prettier than me. (The first one did twice) I just don't want it to happen again and I'll believe that won't do it but I said the same thing about my exes. I'm not saying all guys are heartbreakers, I'm just scared. Should I even try to ask him out?

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  • I'd say give him a chance. Have you been friends for a while? It usually helps if you observe how he behaves around other people, women in particular. You never know unless you try, though. Go ahead and do it, but be alert.


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  • Yes, take the initiative...that will set you apart from the others!

  • Don't ask him to be your boyfriend right away. Ask him on dates. Date him until he asks you to be his girlfriend. Keep us updated on how the dates go.


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  • Let your passions overwhelm your fears. Fear will do nothing for you but repel your possibilities.

    No offense, but please don't be another one of those people out there who thinks like "Poor old me I'm so afraid of getting hurt that I'm just gonna play games, string people along, or completley limit and kill my chances by not taking a chance to begin with." We don't need anymore of those! :P

    Ask him out. What you don't do, another girl will.