I think I'm falling for my best friend and its driving me insane, advice?

I met My best friend at a Christian theatre about 2 years ago and I remember back when we first met I had one of those sweet little kid crushes on him but I dropped that after knowing him for about 3 months. But lately he is all I can think about! We hang out all the time and people used to think we dated but then he got a girlfriend that is not right for him! I know everything about him and he is not himself when he is with this girl. He is a complete jerk when she is around! He is such a sweet guy and he flirts with me a lot but I think he only thinks of me as his little sis! I don't know what to do and its literally driving me insane! If you were my best friend, What would you want me to do?


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  • lol if I were your best friend,i would tell you to leave me alone or at least discuss with me about how our relationship is gonna stay


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  • Befriend his older sister or mother and express yourself to them. Women in certain places can work wonders!


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  • You don't know, perhaps he likes you too!

    Indeed befriend his mom or sister - and fish around what he feels for you?

    And if the odds are good, they can say a good word for you.

    And the situations pleads for you; since if he is a devoted Christian, and you TOO, that's a huge bonus.. and I think he would consider a good personality too?

    Update us!