How do I get this guy to pick me?

Okay, so this guy has to decide between me and this other do I get him to pick me. but here's the problem she lives like right by him I live like an hour or so away. also he has been dated her before and has known her we act like boyfriend and girlfriend its just not offical because of this other chick. so any ideas on how to get him to pick me.?


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  • you shouldnt. why would you want a guy who just views you as an option?


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  • do not ever put yourself in a situation by which the guy has the power to pick and choose you. It gives him a chance to take advantage of you. If both of you like each other, know each other well enough and have good and doable plans as to how both of you can meet, tell him that you are interested in him and you'd like to have a relationship with him. that's all. If he's heart is not that into you, don't start anything with him. Chances are that you are getting yourself into an unhappy situation with little trust. Hope this helps.