I found he's recently been talking to this other girl.

so there's this guy I've had a causal fling with for about 5 months (tomorrow) well he leaves for college 3 states over in like 2 weeks, but I found he's recently been talking to this other girl. and yes I know we have a casual relationship but he told me like it didn't even matter who he was telling this too, anyway it makes me sad that I saw him in a way that he didn't see me I guess. what should I do? I really like him and I wanna tell him that I don't want him to to have sex with anyone else if he's gonna talk to me. or should I just drop it all together? it makes me sad :(


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  • he could just be dating her, I mean what makes you think he's sleeping with her? whoooa whoa he's not even your boyfriend yet, that means he can do whatever he wants with any girl.

    Doesn't necessarily mean play a girl while sleeping with another... that is a bit of a d*** move on his part. But you got to understand that a single man is a free man.


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