Why do guys try to get with me after dating my best friend?

My best friend and I have known each other since elementary school and we pretty much know all the same people. Guys seem to always date her first, but then want to date me after they brake up or confess their feelings to me. Why is this? (these are guys that we have known for the same amount of time)


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  • There are several reasons to this. Guys might find her more attractive and attempt to go for the "grand prize." When they don't win, they go for second best. It just could be that they notice her first and then they notice you.

    • Ouch I hope the majority of guys don't use this tactic...

    • That may be the case but it could be that they got to her friend just to get to her. She just may be the gorgeous one that they may feel they can't reach unless the are some what closer to her hence dating her friend...

    • or maybe not...


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  • A lot of times we don't realize how much want to date a girl/guy until we see a friend with them. Also, friends tend to be similar in terms of personality and attractiveness so you and your friend probably attract the same types of guys.

  • You're probably both hot, but they end up liking your personality more.

  • Have you considered that this is incidental?


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