When a middle aged man breaks up

How long does it take for a middle aged man to get over his feelings for his ex that he dated 5 plus years & is dating someone else for the past 3 months. Do men ever miss or regret their decisions? How soon do they develop feelings for the new girl?


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  • I disagree with the comment that guys get over things quickly. We can hang onto stuff for years...and it's harder for an older guy because his options to move on are somewhat limited compared to when he's younger.

    • Thank you. I thought it would be tough for a man to just turn off his feelings. I do hope, I haunt his mind and heart with memories of me and us. Don't mean to sound mean but this relationship went on for a long time. Thanks for your answer.

    • Not sure what the particulars of the relationship are but there's a good chance you'll haunt him if you were good to him. Sometimes as guys we don't realize just how bad we were until it's all over...you can say whatever you like during the relationship, it won't sink in.

What Girls Said 1

  • not that long. guys can bounce back, really quickly. esp at that age, he's over the games and breakups since he already been through all that