Guys, would you ever date an emotionally damaged girl?

Guys, would you ever date an emotionally damaged girl?

For instances, if she was: beaten, molested, hurt by guys she liked, and betrayed by certain friends, and now she has some trust issues and thinks a man could never like her.

She is sweet, nice, strong, funny, and doesn't dwell on the past.


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  • Most guys have, but don't know it. It's better for a girl to work these things out on her own, or with professional help than to try to get a guy to help her out with it. Guys don't wanna deal with baggage.


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  • I suffered from depression for a long time and was recovering when I met my current partner. I tried to keep it secret because I was worried how he would react but it became too difficult to keep my life separate like that. I was upfront and we spoke about it. When we've talked about it since he says it doesn't bother him, the fact that I got through it and got back on my own two feet speaks more about me than the depression itself.

    Ultimately I think it depends how you handle the baggage. I choose to try and use mine to push me onwards rather than hold me back. Sure sometimes I get weepy and need a little tlc, but my man knows I will use him for support rather than rely on him to pull me through it - if that makes sense?

    • Yes it does, and by the way that is what I mean, I just need TLC. I am 100% independent and I don't rely on anyone for anything.