Can you date a guy just for his money?

Can you date a guy just for his money? I met this guys who is rich, and he wants to date me and spend lots of money on me. He is sweet and I love sweet guys but I don't find him physically attractive. I need to be physically attracted to someone too to develop feelings for them. My friends think I am crazy and I should go for it but the thought of dating someone for their money makes me feel like a prostitute. Am I the only woman who would feel this way?


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  • I actually think very few women can do that.

    People _think_ lots of women are like this because a lot of women go after guys with money. In many of those cases though, I believe the women are legitimately attracted - the fact that the guy is successful, high status, has (financial) power makes him a desirable partner. No doubt her instincts view him as having good genetics for her children. But that is genuine attraction. If most women found it easy to date a guy for money, they'd just be high end escorts - it pays a ton.


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  • You can, but you'd be nothing more than a gold digger. You'll get that reputation too.

    I'd never date a girl who even once entered into a relationship simply for someone's money. I'd constantly question whether they would ever be able to actually be sincere, or look at every relationship as a business contract from there on out.

    • I think you misunderstood me. I won't but everyone around me thinks I am crazy and I am just wondering if I am different than most women.

    • Then everyone around you is a gold digger and not worth dating to a respectable guy. Good for you not sinking to their level.

    • Thanks.

  • most of them do link


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  • No, I share your sentiments too. I just cannot sit there and put on a facade that I am into a guy for his money. I feel like I'd be using him and above all lying that I had a genuine interest. I can't do that to someone and I refuse. I'd feel so guilty and bad. Besides, I make my own money, I don't a guy for his money.

    • Thank you. I was hoping I was not the only one. You made me feel so much better.

    • I truly respect a lady like you. You have a great moral compass!

    • And I respect you. :)

  • You WOULD be a prostitute. Why do you care what you friends say...

    • I don't care what they say, I was just wondering if my attitude towards this was normal or is their attitude the normal one. It's one thing to be on the outside but they might understand why I feel this way if it ever happened to them.