Why hasn't he called or texted?

today is the third day he has not texted me, called me, of FB messaged me. I thought we had a good relationship, he was always nice we had fun I thought he was a really good boyfriend. He has long hours and then when he's home he has kids to take care of so I could see him not texting me one day cause he was super busy it happens sometimes. But it's been 3 days. SO finally I texted him to come get his book for work he left at my house 2 weeks ago. All I got was 'i'll come get it today' that's it no how are u, no what's up, no miss u. We use to text ALL day. But now I don't see him anymore, we never call or text. How can I get threw to him? I have lost a lot of trust from my mom for this guy , and invested a lot of emotion. He know's how hard it was for me to say the words 'i love u' but he stuck around and was paitent with me. Never rushed me was understanding. But y is he being so distant? Is it somenthing I could of done? or maby somenthing he has not told me about? I don't know what 2 do.


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  • Best thing to do is the same thing. You won't... I know.. but if he has a spec of interest in you and thinks that you aren't interested in him anymore, then that's the only chance you'll get of him coming back. Otherwise, count your chips, and walk away.


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  • He's probably been busy don't worry or stess about it he'll contact you just keep busy