What kinda things can I message on dating sites?

SO I've seen a couple girls profiles where they are cute and seem funny and intelligent but they don't give to much away so for me its hard to think of things to message. What things should a guy message in general to a girl and please don't write hi how are you.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Chat about the little info they have on their profiles. Its a good place to begin e.g ask them about the choice of their username, what their inspiration was. Little things like that can open up great conversations. Also try to ensure it doesn't get too personal too early. It could creep some girls out. Don't worry too much about what exactly to say as that will hamper your thought process. Just relax and be yourself.


What Guys Said 1

  • Never write "Hi, how are ya".

    Centaine said it best. Point out things in the profile that you may have in common with each other.

    Don't take rejection badly because it happens frequently with any guy. Girls have their pick of the crop with online dating.