Guys and girls do you think there's a difference?

I was wondering do you think there's a difference in meaning when someone kisses you on the lips intensely and agressively and when they kiss you softly and gently? If so what do you think the difference in meaning is?


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  • Intensely and aggressively = One of the following: You're mine, I want to devour you, I get to be top tonight, I dare you to fight me, I'm thinking of giving up breathing also as I die in your arms, etc.

    Softly and gently = One of the following: I treasure you, I want you to want me back, I think I might enjoy your company more if you were wearing few clothes, you taste like the person I'm in love with, etc.

    • haha, nice explanations . I think we have a winner ding ding ding


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  • intense and aggression is the symbol of aroused

    they wanna have sex with you

    gentle and passionate kiss means that they really enjoying the session and want to continue in the same mood

  • More likely it's just a difference in the kind of guy, more than the meaning of the kiss itself.


What Girls Said 1

  • Intense and aggressive means he's aroused and wants to have sex. I'm pretty sure his breathing is heavy too.

    soft and gentle means he's enjoying them and wants to make passionate love to you.