So I have been talking to this guy online and we have been texting I am worried about what he will think of me

well I am extremely nervous and the only reason is because I am a plus size girl and I'm scared that he will see me and think I am fat. He has seen pictures but I'm just scared. am I worrying too much about this or what do you guys think?


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  • Were your pictures accurate representations of the way you look? If so, then I'm sure he finds your body type attractive or he wouldn't have agreed to have dinner with you. There are many men who find plus size women very attractive, and some even prefer them to the waifer-thin girls.

    If you feel nervous, there are some simple things you can do to help boost your self-esteem and get you ready for the big day. Wear a new outfit that you find slimming or get your nails and hair done. Accentuate your most attractive features - if you have lovely eyes, for example, draw attention to them with a flattering shade of eyeshadow.

    Displaying confidence is definitely attractive, no matter your size. If you let on that you are unsatisfied with the way you look, then others may hone into the aspects of yourself that you aren't quite happy with. If you go into the date feeling good about yourself, then it will be his problem if he finds fault with you.

    A guy who judges you based on the way you look and not by the quality of your character does not deserve your time and is unworthy of a second thought. Just because you don't meet certain measurements doesn't mean you are not beautiful or worthy of respect and love.

    Good luck girl! :)


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  • You're worrying too much. He knows what you look like. Besides, are you planning on meeting any time soon?

    • yeah we are meeting next weekend.

    • It's always a little nervewracking meeting an online friend, especially someone with whom you hope for there to be a spark. Don't let your body image issues psyche yourself out. If he doesn't like you, it's his loss. You really never know how the chemistry will be until you meet up, anyway. You might be turned off of him, keep expectations reasonable. :D

  • Don't let that worry you. Just have confidence in yourself. You two been talking to each other for a while, so conversation will be easy to do.

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  • First off calm down and take a deep breath. OK so to start off of you are that worried about looks the first thing you have to do is find an outfit you feel strong, confident and sexy in. when you are confident a guy can tell and most guys like girls who are confident with themselves then those who are insecure. second, find things you like about and compliment yourself. its seems to me you have low self confidence (and don't worry I do too and so to I would say most of the girl population) but its all about being confident and being you. if you spend the night enjoying yourself and having a great a time that will be more memorable then how you looked to be honest. just be yourself have fun and don't worry about what he thinks, if he truly likes you then you will go out again and if it doesn't work out no big deal brush it off and move on he clearly wasn't good enough for you.

    • Absolutely! If this guy finds a problem with you, then that is entirely his fault. I've been on dates where it was pretty obvious the guy wasn't all that into me. I didn't care; I decided to have a blast anyways. It ended up being a fun evening out for me, even if it wasn't so much for him. ;)

  • if you didn't lie in the pictures and showed him a honest full body pic, I don't see any reason why he would be turned off since he already knows who you are