Will he ever call me again?

I had a big misunderstanding with my man. In my frustration I called it quits but I didn't really mean it. Now he refuses to talk - he won't respond to my calls or texts. It's like he got overwhelmed and then just erased me and is acting like I don't exist! So I have no other choice but to move on and just try to be thankful for the good times, but I do miss him and wonder if he really will call back one day. We had a long distance relationship (8 months) that had been progressing so beautifully until for some reason he got upset with me asking him to be open with me, make a decision and stick to it. He's 49 I'm 40. I feel like I'm mourning an unexpected death! WILL HE CALL if I back off completely and move on? No calls or text from me at all!

No he's not married and no we're not friends with benefits.


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  • give him time to breathe, and if he loves you then he will call you. And if he doesn't and you call in about a week and he still wants to ignore you, then move on. Because there is no such thing as love if only person is trying to make it work. I lied to a guy for 2yrs and then told him the turth. He ignored me for maybe a week and I stopped calling. He called me and we talked and he and I are friends now, but slowly building up. He still loves me and says it to me everyday.