How do guys feel about hanging out as friends?

uhm well, there is this guy that lives in my neighborhood and our friendship is mutual. but I just wanna get his number and see if we could hang out cause my neighborhood is by a bunch of cool stuff and there lots to do.And I get super bored cause all my friends live really far away. I just think it'd be cool to have a buddy to watch netflix on the xbox or whatever and swim with and I don't know play video games? I'm really used to guys cause I have older 4 brothers. I'm 15 too. So what should I say if I text him? I don't want to be romantically friended with him. I really just want a good friend.


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  • It's not too hard to just be like, hey all of my friends live far away and I am looking for people around here to hang out with. We should do something! - I think it should work..


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  • Just tell him your friends are gone, and you're looking for a new friend to hang out with.


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